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Detailed Project Services

From conception to completion.

We procure and manage development projects through site identification, acquisition, brief development, design and development approval, through to construction, leasing and sale.

An example of some of our services are listed below.

Project Enabling


  • Site Identification, Locality Analysis

  • Site Selection / Evaluation

  • Town Planning Review / Preliminary Liaison with Council

  • Preliminary Development Concepts

  • Preliminary Feasibility Study and Cashflow

  • Preliminary Market Analysis

  • Preliminary Economics review

  • Preliminary Programme

  • Risk and Mitigation Identification

  • EOI Anchor Tenant / Pre-commitment Canvassing

  • Selection and Engagement of Consultants


  • EOI / Letter of Offer / Negotiation of Terms

  • Contract Documentation / Options & Acquisition Structuring

  • Briefing Valuer

  • Due Diligence and Searches

  • Existing Buildings / Encroachments

  • Environmental Studies and Reports

  • Building Services

  • Existing Leases

  • Settlement


  • Review Project Funding Requirements

  • Identification and Shortlist Financiers

  • Preparation of Finance Report        

  • Negotiation of Terms

  • Finance Documentation

  • Briefing and Monitoring Valuation

  • Review Pre-Sale Opportunities


  • EOI Documentation

  • Identify Potential Investment Partners

  • Preparation of Information Memorandum

  • Contractual Structuring

  • Liaise with and Report to Legal and Accounts


  • General Development Administration

  • Project Accounts and Book Keeping

  • Monthly Project Reporting

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Design and Approval Management


  • Prepare Outline Project Execution Plan

  • Preparation of Brief including Budget and Program Requirements

  • Outline Area and Accommodation Schedules

  • Site Schematics / Preliminary Options

  • Consultation with Authorities

  • Town Planning Summary

  • Marketing Studies

  • Highest and Best Use Studies

  • Pre-committed Tenant / Outline Statement of Requirements

  • Selection and Engagement of Consultants


  • Consultation with Authorities

  • Site Surveys

  • Existing Buildings Survey

  • Detailed Site Analysis

  • On-site Service Studies

  • Off-Site Services Studies

  • Geo-technical Studies and Reports

  • Rezoning / Sub-division Opportunities


  • Consultation with Authorities

  • Site Master Planning Studies

  • Monitoring and Managing Consultants' Schematic Design Services

  • Obtain Opinion of Probable Cost and Program

  • Update Feasibility / Opinion of Probable Income Return and Development Profit

  • Assess / Review and Formalise Design

  • Presentations to Client and/or Nominees

  • Preparation and Lodgment of Development Application documents in- conjunction with Specialist Consultants (Inc Legals)


  • Negotiations with Authorities / Development Approval Facilitation

  • Obtain Decision Notice.

  • Review Submitters and Appeal Rights

  • Opinion of Probable Cost and Program

  • Presentations to Client and/or Nominees

  • Brief Legal Council and Expert Consultants*

  • Monitor Appeal Process*

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Design Development and Construction


  • Selection and Engagement of Consultants

  • Consultation and negotiate with Authorities as required

  • Management and control of the design team

  • Prepare and monitor consultant documentation programmes to comply with the objectives of the project programme

  • Chair project meetings and report to project control group meetings

  • Obtain client approval and design sign off.

  • Appraise design development against the Project Brief and

  • Carry out value management on design development if required

  • Prepare and maintain the Project Execution Plan

  • Monitoring Production of the Contract and Construction Documentation based on the  Development Approval and the Brief Requirements. Ensure Development Approval conditions are satisfied.


  • Monitoring Production of the Contract and Construction Documentation based on the  Development Approval and the Brief Requirements

  • Consultation with Authorities

  • Facilitate Lodgement and Approval of any further Authorities Applications as required for the project

  • Opinion of Probable Cost and Program


  • Tender Process

  • Compilation and Distribution of Tender Documents

  • Calling of tenders

  • Facilitation of the Tender Period (RFI Management etc)

  • Tender Assessment and Recommendation.

  • Confirming the tenderer's compliance with tender documents

  • Contract Preparation and Execution


  • Consultation with Authorities / Obtain Occupancy Approvals

  • Ensure supplementary details are provided in a timely manner

  • Building Contract - Contract Administration / Project Management

  • Liaise with major tenants as required

  • Monitor programme and report on progress and quality

  • Arrange and coordinate defects inspections

  • Obtain and review warranties, operating manuals and as built drawings


  • Maintenance and Equipment Operation

  • Training of Personnel, Consultations and Start-up Assistance

  • As Constructed Drawings

  • Review of Warranties and Guarantees

  • Administer Defects Liability Period

  • The carrying out of an inspection during the defects liability period and preparation of a list of items for attention by the builder

  • Issuing Final Certificate and negotiating final accounts

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Leasing, Sale and Completion


  • Selection and Engagement of Leasing Agents

  • Marketing Research

  • Marketing / Brochure Development and Tenant Canvassing

  • Set Rental Targets and Incentive Levels  

  • Preparation of Agreement to Lease and Lease Documents

  • Lease Negotiations

  • Execution and Stamping of Agreement for Lease

  • Collection of Rental Bonds and Guarantees

  • Certification and Release of Incentives

  • Tenant Fit-out Co-ordination Services

  • Preparation/amendment  of the tenancy fit-out manual

  • Management of the requirements and process contained with the tenancy fit-out manual, (incl power connections and signage etc).

  • Coordinate tenant requirements and obtain budgets

  • Arrange and issue tenancy drawings to tenants as instructed

  • Track tenancy fit-out approvals (landlord and Authority) status and fitout.

  • Ensure tenancy building approvals are obtained and insurances received

  • Handover tenancy shell

  • Administer variations between head contracts and tenants works

  • Liaise with Centre Management and assist in the coordination of the Centre opening if applicable


  • Selection and Engagement of Sale Agents

  • Marketing Research

  • Preparation of Information Memorandum and Marketing Brochures

  • Investor Marketing / Monitor Sale Campaign

  • Review Offers to Purchase and Make Recommendations

  • Negotiate Terms and Prepare Development Agreements

  • Monitor Installments and Conditions

  • Settlement


  • Assignment of Rights and Obligations

  • Final Payments and Installments

  • Release of Securities and Deposits

  • Exit Reporting and Archiving

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